Terms and Conditions

  1. Awards period: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2017. All information provided must be only relevant to this period.
  2. Entries may include payment by credit card (see below). The non-refundable admin fee is $55 per additional entry. All payments will be online.
    a. Retailer entry is FREE before 31 August, 2017
    b. Exhibitors first 2 entries are free
    c. Additional entries are $55 per category
  3. Companies must have an Australian or New Zealand based offices. Retailer of the Year is only open to Australian businesses.
  4. Companies enter at their own risk. Reed Exhibitions cannot accept responsibility for the late arrival of entries or the loss or breakage of products at any stage. Please ensure adequate insurance.
  5. All GALA judges follow a voluntary Code of Conduct covering confidentiality, conflicts of interest and contact with entrant.
  6. All entries are accepted by Reed Exhibitions in good faith. Reed Exhibitions cannot be held responsible for the safety of product entered.
  7. The judges’ decision is final and there will be no opportunity for appeal.
  8. There will be no feedback given on entries.
  9. The judges reserve the right to re-allocate an entry to a different category if appropriate.
  10. The judges cannot accept incomplete or inaccurate entry submissions.
  11. Once entry fees have been paid no refunds will be given (even if entries are subsequently withdrawn by the entrant).
  12. The entrant warrants to Reed Exhibitions in respect to each product which it enters, that the product (and any associated packaging) is its own work and has not been copied from any third party work and that the manufacture, importation and any other dealing in the same does not infringe the copyright, design right, trade mark or any other intellectual property right of any third party.
  13. The entrant shall indemnify Reed Exhibitions in full, and hold Reed Exhibitions harmless against all liability, loss, damages, costs and expenses whether direct, indirect or consequential (including without limitation legal expenses) awarded against or incurred or paid by Reed Exhibitions as a result or in connection with any breach of the above warranty or any claim that the product (and/ or any associated packaging), or the advertisement of or any other dealing in the same, infringes the copyright, design right, trade mark or any other intellectual property right of any third party.
  14. For all finalists and winners companies commit to participate in all Reed Exhibitions’ activities/promotions to enhance the profile of their products to retailers, trade and consumer press.
  15. All Finalists must agree to send a Senior Representative of the company to the Awards, which will take place on; Saturday 24 Feb 2018 at ICC Darling Harbour Sydney.
  1. All entrants must have exhibited at any Reed Gift Fairs or Life Instyle event in 2017. 
  2. Products must be new to the market during the awards period 1 January 2017 – 31 December 2017.
  3. Products must not have been entered into GALA Awards before.
  4. Companies may enter up to five product categories. Each entry must be treated as a separate entry.
  5. All product finalists must provide a prepaid return envelope/satchel if they require their products to be returned, alternatively organise a courier when judging has been completed. All product not collected will be donated to charity.
  6. Reed Exhibitions will not pay the cost of postage or carriage of any product entered into the GALA competition to or from any location where judging is carried out. The cost of postage or carriage required as part of entering the Awards is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
  7. All GALA award certificates that are given to the finalists and winning entries must be displayed solely with the corresponding product.
  8. All Finalists agree to provide the winning products (if requested) for marketing and display purposes.


  1. Retailer of the Year entrants must have a physical store front, not open to Pureplay businesses. It is recommended Pureplay businesses enter Best Online Retailer.
  2. Retailer businesses must support the wholesale community at Reed Gift Fairs and Life Instyle by attending the events and stocking those brands.
  3. Retail businesses may be mystery shopped at any time by an independent consultant.