Frequently Asked Questions

Awards Period: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2017
All product launches and business information provided in your entry must have occurred within the awards period.

For Exhibitors

Should I enter 1 product or a collection?
You are welcome to enter whatever best represents your brand/entry, please do take into consideration the conditions of entry including awards period. If you are a finalist, please don’t send more than 6 items for any collections.

Can I enter multiple categories with the same product?
Yes, you can as long as they are relevant for the category and within the awards period. You will be required to supply multiple samples if you're a finalist in several categories.

Are Reed Gift Fair entrants judged against Life Instyle entrants?
Depending on what category you enter. There are two award streams if you enter in the product categories, so all Gift Fair entrants are judged alongside each other and similar to Life Instyle are all judged together. However if you enter into the Specialty Product, all entries will be combined and only 1 winner will be announced.

Can I choose to be entered under Reed Gift Fairs or Life Instyle?
You need to select which event you exhibited at/or plan to exhibit at in 2016. If you exhibit at both events, please select the event which best represents your brand. The team will also make the final decision in the best interest of your product.

Do I need to send products?
You will be notified if you are a finalist. Once you are a finalist you will be required to send product for the final judging (except for furniture).

I will only have a sample by the finalist judging day, can I still enter?
Yes, you can. You are welcome to send us the sample and we can return it or please send imagery, or mood boards which best represent the product.

Do I get my product back?
Entrants will receive their products back if they have supplied a reply paid envelope or organised a courier (you will be notified after judging when it’s available for collection). 

For Retailers

Can I enter multiple categories ?
Yes, you can as long as they are relevant for the category and within the awards period.

For Retailer of the Year category, how do I define number of staff I have if some are only casuals?
Whether your staff are casual, part time or full time that are employed, they are counted as 1 person. If you have 12 casual staff, then you enter Retailer of the Year (6+ employees)